Wind farms ride high in the polls

Public support for wind farms remains high, a fresh report has found.

Commissioned by the Mail on Sunday, 70 percent of people taking part in the survey backed wind farms being built near them.

There was also a clear consensus in favour across the whole political spectrum with 60.8 percent of those intending to vote Conservative, 74.6 percent Labour, 81.1 percent Liberal Democrat, and 57.8 percent of those intending to vote for UKIP saying they would be happy to see wind farms near them.

Separately, a YouGov poll commissioned by the Sunday Times found 51 percent of people think that, looking at future energy needs, the government is right to spend money encouraging wind compared to 32 percent who said that the government shouldn’t.  

RenewableUK’s director of external affairs, Jennifer Webber, said: “We’re pleased that a massive 7 in 10 people would welcome a wind farm near them. It goes to show that the loud opposition we sometimes hear just isn’t representative of general people’s views. This vote of support is consistent across age groups, voting intention and regions of the country. In other words for politicians no matter which party you represent, or where in the country you are, if you oppose wind you’re out of touch with your voters.”