Thermodynamic system created for UK market

A new thermodynamic hot water system that retrofits to existing hot water cylinders has been launched for the UK market.

Launched by The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company Ltd, the company says its new Little Magic Thermodynamic Box is the result of a massive spend in R&D and commitment to give the British market a product that has specifically been designed for the British climate.

The new product is a third generation design, based on feedback from the earlier Little Magic Box system. The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company says it is now greatly improved giving better performance and reduced running costs, power consumption, vibration and sound emittance. It is also more compact and even easier to install. 

Director Scott Styles said: “Although our innovative original product was received well, we knew we could do even better. We wanted something that was specific to the UK climate and their water systems rather than a warmer climate such as Spain or Portugal where the systems are designed to take advantage of more sun. We searched the UK for a manufacturing facility that would not just manufacture our product, but would also understand it and have the same drive and passion for it as we do.

“We found a world leader in air source heat pump technology based in Essex, a company that has been manufacturing these for 36 years with an exceptional history of innovation, as well as being a winner of the coveted National Heat Pump Installation of the Year 2012.

“The improved components and overall development of the new British made Little Magic Thermodynamic Box means that we have been able to increase daytime output by 30 percent, night time output by 20 percent, increased COP to a tested UK average of 3 at 7 degrees and panel heat collection up to 60 percent. The maximum compatible size of a cylinder has now also increased up to 300 litres and has a faster recovery time.”

The product has a 5 year manufacturers guarantee and will be on display at the company’s new trade showroom in Essex where heating and solar thermal installers are invited to visit for demonstrations.