Evance secures 50 percent share of small wind market

Kevin Parslow, ceo of Evance
Kevin Parslow, ceo of Evance
Turbine manufacturer Evance claims that one in every two 1.5kW-15kW small wind installations in the UK last year was its R9000 model.

This impressive figure puts the company’s year-on-year installation rates up by 133 percent.

“Last year we installed half of the total sold nationally – 1 in every 2 turbines were Evance R9000s,” said Kevin Parslow, ceo of Evance Wind Turbines. 

“By adopting small wind solutions, rural home owners, farmers and communities are now avoiding fuel poverty and gaining control of future energy costs.  Most Evance customers have reduced their energy bills by 50 percent or more, and fixed their electricity costs for the next 20 years.

“It is very gratifying that investors in small wind select the Evance turbine – a British engineered and manufactured product – making it the small wind turbine of choice for the second year running.”