Meet in the middle

Worcester, Bosch Group says it has underlined its commitment to the next generation of green heating and hot water technologies, with the launch of its Greenstar Plus Hybrid System.

The new system is designed to enable installers to upgrade an existing compatible boiler to a hybrid renewable system, with the addition of four components.  The 5kW external heat pump, indoor hybrid manager, 50 litre buffer cylinder, and intelligent weather compensation control can be integrated within an existing heating system to reduce the homeowner’s dependency on fossil fuel.

By combining the advantages of both a gas-fired boiler and a split air to water heat pump, the Greenstar Plus Hybrid System is able to calculate and control the optimal fuel efficiency across both technologies.

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group, said: “The launch of our bespoke hybrid system represents a milestone for our product development and underlines our commitment to installer support. The combination of a boiler with a green heating and hot water source is the most logical step towards the wholesale adoption of renewable technologies. The Greenstar Plus Hybrid System will allow installers to begin this transition with ease.

“As homeowners become increasingly receptive to the need to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, we anticipate a growth in demand for hybrid systems, which will create new business opportunities for installers as a result.

“Boasting full compatibility with Greenstar Energy Management System (EMS) gas-fired or LPG boilers from Worcester’s range, the Greenstar Plus Hybrid System allows installers to retrofit a cost-effective system enhancement into a variety of property types and sizes.”