Vaillant launches Solar Drainback

Vaillant auroFLOW 01
Vaillant is introducing the solar drainback to the commercial market. 

The brand new commercial Solar Thermal Drainback system, auroFLOW, is designed to improve the performance and lifetime of solar thermal systems, as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Designed with commercial applications in mind which tend to require hot water throughout the day when the building is in use, such as hotels, schools, healthcare, the Vaillant Solar Thermal Drainback system consists of a collector array, pump, drainback vessel, heat exchanger and control.

Although aimed at commercial markets, Vaillant says it is also suitable for domestic applications on small scales with a single solar thermal collector up to large scale systems. 

The drainback system works by allowing the solar fluid to fully drain from the collector and back into the discharge vessel within the Solar Drainback module as soon as the heat demand in the cylinder is met.

When the cylinder then calls for heat again, the module senses this demand and automatically pumps the fluid back up to the solar collector to capture the sun’s heat energy and transfer it back into the cylinder. 

Once correctly sized, the Solar Drainback system is supplied as a kit of parts which include the required module(s), a control (which is built into the module), solar collectors, solar fluid and appropriate mounting hardware for in-roof, on-roof or flat-roof installation.   

John Bailey, commercial systems director at Vaillant comments: “Manufactured in Vaillant’s state of the art facility, our Solar Thermal Drainback system will substantially improve the performance and lifetime of commercial solar thermal systems, in addition to reducing on-going costs and maintenance requirements.

“Combine this with the industry’s most developed and forward thinking service solutions and an unwavering commitment to providing service excellence before, during and after installation, Vaillant provides the best possible solutions for commercial heating.”