Top tips to reduce energy bills, from 4Eco

Jodi Huggett, director of 4Eco – immerSUN
Jodi Huggett, director of 4Eco – immerSUN
Following the success of World Environment Day in June, Jodi Huggett, director of 4Eco – immerSUN, is calling for more homeowners to make energy saving changes.

Jodi believes that consumers could save hundreds of pounds every year by simply reducing energy wastage and embracing green technologies.

“World Environment Day is an excellent initiative that helps raise awareness about sustainability and stimulates positive global eco action,” she said

“This year’s theme was ‘Eat.Think.Save’ – a campaign focused on reducing wastage within the home. Thousands of businesses and individuals took part, which is a great reflection of the UK’s commitment to sustainability and preserving resources.

“Although a great start, I believe that more needs to be done to champion environmental action across the UK.”

She added: “Saving energy is everyone’s business, and we all need to make a commitment to reducing our environmental impact. It’s easy to lower energy use at home, and, what’s more, a few small changes can really help to reduce utility bills.”

Turn it off
By turning off electrical appliances, like lights, heaters and your television when you’re not in the room, you could save over £30 every year on your utility bills and seriously lower your carbon footprint.

Don’t waste water
Overusing water is one of the most common ways that we waste resources. Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, purchasing an ‘eco-flush’ toilet and investing in a low flow showerhead can not only cut your water bill, but also protect declining water supplies.

Turn down your heating
Many homeowners have their central heating higher than they need it. Try turning down your thermostat by one or two degrees and closing your curtains in the evenings. This could save you a lot of money during the year.

Embrace green technologies
There are so many cost-effective self-generation technologies available to reduce energy bills and minimise carbon emissions, like solar PV, rainwater harvesting and biomass heaters. Most of these can even be installed without any upfront costs by using the government’s Green Deal Initiative.

A number of new switching devices – such as the immerSUN – are perfect supplements to these technologies. Cost effective and highly efficient, these gadgets can help make the most of green energy and save you hundreds of pounds every year.