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In its regular column this month, MCS invites Saima Khan, DECC, to give readers an update on the RHPP.

Heat is the single biggest reason we use energy in our society. Over 70 per cent of heating in UK homes, businesses and industry is produced by burning fossil fuels. To add to this, around a third of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the energy used to produce heat. A number of ambitious targets have been set to reduce emissions.

On 02 May, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) launched two new competitions for registered providers of social housing, to bid for funds to install renewable heating technologies in their housing stock.

1. A ‘Fast- Track’ competition aimed at social landlords that have projects already in the pipeline; and

2. A ‘Reach–Out’ competition aimed at those social landlords who had previously thought the RHPP competition was not for them, or who need to find out more before committing and require support with applications.

The Department are midway through a number of half day events to provide Social Landlords support with their applications.

Installers are very welcome to attend although we would strongly encourage you to bring along any interested Social Landlords.

Date                             Location
Tuesday 09 July      Exeter
Thursday 11 July     Gateshead

You can register for the remaining events online by visiting:

To read more about the RHPP Social Landlord Competitions, visit:

More money for Renewable Heating Kit
As part of DECC’s desire to further support the growing market for domestic renewable heat, using new data available on installation costs and industry feedback, a decision has been made to increase the voucher levels for each of the four eligible technologies.

The Department believe this increase represents a good deal for consumers and a fair balance across the technologies.

Some of the rules under eligibility for the scheme have also changed. Applicants will need to undertake a Green Deal Assessment before submitting a claim to the Energy Saving Trust.  A Green Deal Assessment will give consumers an understanding of how to improve the energy efficiency of their home and the types of improvements they could make to do it. It is important to note that the Green Deal Assessment Paperwork will only be required once the claim has been submitted.

Read more about the increase in voucher levels here:

To find out more about the renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme for commercial organisations, and updates on progress towards an RHI for home owners, please visit the RHI web pages at: