Stay in control

Panasonic has released a new generation of smart controllers designed to ensure Aquarea heat pump systems deliver maximum performance.

Panasonic’s Heat Pump Manager (HPM) brings together many facets of a heating system to provide centralised control of heating and/or hot water.

As part of the new Panasonic HPM range, there are new controllers, available with or without a built-in display, available with both wired and wireless thermostatic controls and optional external touch screen display.

Panasonic Heat Pump Manager comes pre-programmed with up to 600 applications, configurations and system diagrams to save design and commissioning time.  By following the simple on-screen diagrams and selecting the settings that are relevant to your system, the online software will automatically adjust the programming to suit your specific project requirements.

“At Panasonic, we are aware of the importance of both control and efficient performance across our range,” said Marc Diaz, UK country manager.

Other built in functions of the new Heat Pump Manager include the possibility to manage:

  • 2 x Mixed Heating Circuits.
  • Floor screed dry program.
  • Cascade of 3 heat pumps.
  • Bivalent function to monitor 2 heating systems (gas boiler and heat pump for example).
  • Automatic switch from heat to cool mode.
  • Photovoltaic / Smart Grid contact.
  • Night shift.
  • Internal Energy Manager.
  • Solar collector control.
  • Domestic hot water priority.
  • Web-control.
  • Up to 10 languages.