Organic Energy launches first convertible pellet boiler

Convertible boiler (2)
Organic Energy is launching what it says is the UK’s first convertible wood pellet boiler this summer.

The product a compact hand-filled boiler, developed by manufacturers ÖkoFEN, which can transform into a fully-automatic system.

Designed to appeal to a wide customer base, Organic Energy is already targeting potential installers of the systems across the UK.

Managing director, Andy Boroughs, said: “Organic Energy’s reputation of being a pioneering and innovative company continues with the launch of the ÖkoFEN Convertible Hand-Fill Boiler.

“The ÖkoFEN systems are known throughout the world for their superior quality and their effectiveness, so we are delighted to introduce this new convertible boiler to the UK marketplace.”

Organic Energy is gearing up for increased sales as customers take advantage of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

Mr Boroughs added: “The value of the RHPP vouchers for homeowners installing renewable heating technologies recently increased, and there is £2,000 available for wood pellet boilers. In addition to this incentive, the introduction of a special promotional price for the new system makes choosing a wood pellet boiler a more affordable option.

“We are already in talks with numerous heating engineering companies, plumbers and other specialists looking to add the new boiler to the range of products they offer customers.”

The product is MCS accredited, and available in six models ranging from 10kW to 30 kW. It has been designed as an entry level option with a total pellet capacity of 130kg. It can be installed ready to be converted to an automatic vacuum-suction boiler with a bulk pellet store.

Organic Energy is holding an open day for potential installers of the new boiler on July 17, in Oxfordshire.  The event will be held from 9am to 4pm at the Banbury Twenty Cricket Club, Ermont Way, Banbury. OX16 3JT. Anyone who would like to attend should contact  01938 530070 or email