European parliament calls for more small scale renewables


Members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Parliament have adopted a resolution calling for an enhanced development of microgeneration in Europe.

The resolution, proposed by MEP Judith Merkies, underlines how microgeneration “can empower consumers to become more active agents in the energy sector, while (…) reducing the amount of energy they have to purchase and thus preventing energy poverty”. It insists on lifting remaining fiscal and legal barriers that can limit the development of microgeneration and calls on the “Member States to develop specific mechanisms to encourage self-sufficiency” and “to take the specificities of microgeneration into account when designing and reviewing national incentives and support schemes to ensure they fit small-scale energy generation”.

Members of the ITRE Committee also call on the European Commission “to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the potential capacity for microgeneration (…) within the European Union” and “to draw up recommendations based on best practices for regulators and system operators on how to shorten and simplify the administrative procedures with a particular focus on the setting up of one-stop-shop procedures”.

Alexandre Roesch, head of regulatory affairs for the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), said: “Distributed generation is now playing an increasing role in the European electricity mix. With more than 70 GW of installed capacity today, PV electricity covers the power needs of 30 million European households.

“We therefore welcome the MEPs’ call to better integrate small-scale electricity into the system. Mindsets are progressively changing but more needs to be done in order to grasp the benefits associated with a decentralised model.”