Antaris launches eKiss4

Antaris Solar has released a new versions of its standalone, off-grid PV system.

The new model comes with increased inverter load, panel display and AC grid connection switch over.

With eKiss, Anataris Solar claims to have introduced a modular and “out of the box” solar battery system to be used in off- grid-settings to supply AC power to household or business appliances in sheds, barns, stables, outbuildings as well as in less developed regions all over the world.

eKiss (short for “energy – Keep it simple and safe”) is a plug and play system. Each eKiss system consists of three components: The eKiss controller box, containing the inverters that convert the electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC); the polycrystalline Antaris Solar PV modules; and batteries to store the solar energy.

Being a modular system, eKiss can be configured to fit individual needs. Depending on the required size, the new eKiss 4 system has between six and sixteen maintenance-free AGM batteries (75 Ah) and can be connected to between three and 15 solar panels.