South West tops leader board for domestic solar

bristol solar
Latest Ofgem figures reveal that over the last year the south west has topped the ‘league table’ for households installing solar panels, with more than 15,000 confirmed installations and around 57 MW installed capacity. This compares to the next closest region, the south east with 13,000 followed by the east midlands with just over 12,000 installations.

In the last year Bristol and the surrounding areas alone contributed around 3,000 installations, about 10 MW of installed capacity, testament to the high uptake of green energy in the region.

Merlin Hyman, chief executive of Regen SW, said: “Householders in the south west have embraced the potential of solar energy to turn their energy bills into an income – as well as move to clean green power. As prices have come down many more could benefit from solar and other renewables.”

Kerry Burns of Bristol Solar City said: “If you live or do business in the south west, you really couldn’t be in a better place to take advantage of solar energy. Solar electricity continues to make fantastic sense, with low installation prices and steady government ‘feed-in-tariff’ payments meaning that PV is a great investment with an 8-15 per cent rate of return.”