Smart solutions

Upsolar has announced a range of smart modules optimised by SolarEdge. 

Integrating Upsolar’s PV modules with SolarEdge’s power optimisation technology, the company says its smart solar products will offer customers a full range of intelligent solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale applications.

By embedding SolarEdge’s optimisers directly into their modules during the manufacturing process, Upsolar says it can offer a lower balance of systems cost while maximising roof utilization and power harvesting.

In addition, users of the new smart products can remotely access performance monitoring software and ultimately enjoy safety with SolarEdge’s SafeD feature, which automatically shuts down modules’ DC voltage levels when the inverter or grid power is down.

“Thanks to a strong technical partnership already in place, Upsolar has been able to quickly incorporate SolarEdge’s advanced optimization technology directly into our modules,” said Enrico Carniato, Europe managing director for Upsolar.

“Driven in part by growing demand in the residential sector, we’ve already experienced a surge in interest in the design and installation benefits provided by this offering.”

As part of a range of smart module offerings, Upsolar and SolarEdge will jointly introduce fully equipped smart module kits. Featuring SolarEdge equipped modules and inverters, it says the kits will provide customers with smart systems that require fewer components than any other smart module product on the market. The kits will offer multiple types of Upsolar smart modules – 60 and 72 cell poly and monocrystalline options – and SolarEdge inverters ranging from 2.2-17 kW (Europe) and 3-20 kW (North America). Fully certified for European (IEC), North American (UL) and Australian markets (CEC AUS), kits will soon be available worldwide.

“Upsolar has demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing smart module technology – the next generation of solar,” said Zvi Lando, vice president of sales for SolarEdge.

“By combining two world-class technologies, we can offer our customers a product with superior performance and competitive prices.”