Martifer Solar launches energy portal

Martifer Solar O&M Energy Portal
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has launched the Energy Portal, a new O&M platform developed to integrate all the monitoring systems of its customers’ PV plants.

The company says it managed to combine all the assets and different technologies in a single supervision platform without any additional investment for its customers.

The Energy Portal is a multi-technology and user-friendly system, web accessible and also suitable for tablets and smartphones, in which all Martifer Solar’s O&M customers can remotely access their PV plants, in real-time. Presently, the Energy Portal integrates more than 250 PV plants worldwide, with roughly 5,000 inverters, comprising a range of small residential systems up to utility-scale solar PV plants and satellite radiation data.

“The launch of this new platform is a further milestone in the strategy of Martifer Solar’s Operation and Maintenance business segment. Martifer Solar has established itself as a global O&M provider, and our Energy Portal is an essential tool to answer our customers’ needs and requests for prompt availability of useful information and support to asset management responsibilities,” said Marco Alves, O&M and after-sales business director of Martifer Solar.