Labour pledges to introduce 2030 decarbonisation target

Shadow energy minister, Tom Greatrex, has announced that the next Labour Manifesto will include a commitment to decarbonise the UK’s electricity supply by 2030. He also said Labour has a “relentless desire to take forward the offshore wind industry” which it will put into practice if it wins the next election in 2015. 

The shadow minister made the announcement today at RenewableUK’s annual Offshore Wind conference in Manchester.

Tom Greatrex said: “Labour will continue to push for a 2030 target as it’s absolutely crucial to give the renewable energy sector for long term certainty. Today I can announce that that if we don’t get that target set in the Energy Bill, it will be in Labour’s manifesto for the next General Election.”

He added: “Offshore wind has huge potential and can be an important part of our energy sector in the future.”

The announcement was welcomed by RenewableUK’s chief executive Maria McCaffery, who said: “This announcement by the shadow energy minister at our conference is very welcome, as it demonstrates a clear commitment to clean up the way we generate electricity as early as possible. RenewableUK hopes that all political parties will appreciate the necessity for this, so that a cross-party consensus can be reached swiftly to set a 2030 decarbonisation target. This would send a strong signal to the wind, wave and tidal energy industries, and crucially to investors, to press ahead with projects as a matter of priority.”