Introducing the Power Reducer

Greenologic is launching the Power Reducer – a proportional controller that will automatically divert surplus energy from a solar PV array to the immersion tank before it is exported to the grid.

The company says that the Power Reducer has been subjected to a series of external lab tests rather than being self-tested which is common on entry-level products. For this reason, adhering to the necessary CE and EMC norms was imperative prior to launch.  The market has seen a number of these types of products, some of which are reported to cause flickering to lighting, even in neighbouring properties in some cases.  The way in which the controller modulates power was also at the heart of design.

Greenlogic adds that the combination of smart monitoring using a tablet or smartphone and automatic proportional control makes this solution stand out from the crowd.  Whilst the Power Reducer continuously diverts any surplus energy to a heat store, the Elios4you smart app engages the user to become familiar with their energy performance to encourage further self-consumption, enabling even more tangible savings to be realised.

To add another level of functionality, Elios4you includes two digital inputs that enable the device to notify the user of any problems with a connected solar system, such as an inverter alarm or if the solar breaker switch is tripped. The monitoring system also provides real-time data on the performance of the array so anomalies can be identified immediately.  This data can also be accessed by the installer using the 4 Cloud PV dashboard in cases where remote management services are provided to the user.

Zuber Vindhani from Greenologic explained: “Working with technology manufacturer, 4-noks, has brought a huge wealth of industry knowledge and expertise in monitoring and control systems for the renewables sector in the UK.

 The Power Reducer is a game-changer as we have combined the benefits of smart monitoring with intelligent control, all delivered to a smart device. In comparison to other similar products in the market, this application by far is more highly advanced in its technology, namely due to the core function, whereby the user can physically see PV yield, self-consumption performance, energy savings and protect their ROI in real-time whether at home, or on the go,” he added.