Innotech Solar factory produces 0.5GW of modules

Innotech Solar's Glava factory
Innotech Solar’s Glava factory
Located in the Swedish village of Glava, the module factory of the Scandinavian-German manufacturer, Innotech Solar (ITS), is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

A total of 2.2 million modules have been manufactured in the former REC solar factory since production started in 2003, which corresponds to a cumulative output of around 0.5 GW.

Since purchasing the majority of the shares in the module factory in 2011, Innotech Solar has been producing modules here in a fully automatic process.

“Manufacturing our modules in this factory was the right decision. We are constantly refining our modern production technology, and the long-standing staff are extremely experienced in module production. Our facility has now accumulated ten years of expertise, which significantly contributes to the high quality of our modules,” said Jerry Stokes, ceo of Innotech Solar.

“Our cell optimization technology allows us to produce high-performance modules at exceptionally competitive prices, which makes us very successful in this fierce environment. We are ramping up production and expect our steady growth to continue.”