HETAS agrees deal with Prompt Payer

HETAS has agreed a deal with Prompt Payer whereby registered installers can sign up for premium membership of the scheme at the reduced price of £35 + vat.

Full membership of Prompt Payer normally costs £250, but the announcement means that HETAS registrants can have access to a range of free services including debt collection and loan brokering.

Membership of Prompt Payer provides support for businesses trading in tough economic conditions, including specialist advice and assistance from lawyers and insolvency practitioners, which can help with bad debt recovery. In many cases the debt can be recovered quickly and efficiently without damaging the long term relationship with the customer.

Prompt Payer also offers a loan brokering scheme which is free to use. Searches for lenders are based on the business’s needs and creditworthiness, and with the banks being harder on small businesses, the broker service is able to look at all avenues in the market.

Contact or call 01242 681270 to find out more about this exclusive arrangement.