Don’t panic at panel shortage, says Zenex Solar

Zenex Solar’s managing director Liz macFarlane
Zenex Solar’s managing director Liz macFarlane
Zenex Solar is reassuring installers not to panic over a PV panel shortage which it is predicting to affect the UK.

Speaking exclusively to REI, Liz MacFarlane, managing director, Zenex Solar, said that the Brighouse-based company had been preparing for some months for the panel shortage it is anticipating as we move closer to the European Commission’s August 06 deadline for imposing tariffs on imported Chinese PV products.

According to MacFarlane, Zenex Solar has been aware that panel stock in the UK is heading towards critically low levels but adds that installers should continue to do business as usual and seek a reputable supplier that has a plentiful supply of stock.

“We have worked hard to build a reputation as a leading panel supplier in the UK,” she said.

“As a result, this makes us privy to certain information and it was brought to our attention that manufacturers were reaching European capacity with PV panel production.

“It would be fair to say that the PV market has had a tough time over the last year or so and of course, the shortage will be seen as yet another issue installers have to deal with. However, as experts in the PV market, Zenex would advise installation companies to remain strong and keep marketing their services for new business.”

She added: “Despite the shortage, many suppliers, like Zenex, have had the foresight to stock up on panels so quality products are out there at the right price. What we don’t want is for the sector to see this situation as doom and gloom. It is merely a hurdle we have to jump. Installers are key to the success of the UK solar market so it is vital they remain resolute to their long term business goals and not be put off by this latest situation.”