3D-Micromac launches new production system

Germany-based 3D-Micromac will launch what it says is the “first production equipment worldwide that can conduct the integrated series-connection of a thin-film solar module on one single platform and in one single production step.”

It adds that the new One-Stop-Patterning process (OSP) only structures the modules once all of the functional layers have been deposited on the substrate. This is designed to significantly simplify the production process. In addition, the new process prevents inaccuracies, which are caused when the substrate is positioned and aligned on different tables – an improvement which, according to 3D-Micromac, increases the efficiency of a thin-film module by up to 0.8 per cent.

“Our process is a decisive step forward for the entire thin-film photovoltaic industry,” said 3D-Micromac managing director Tino Petsch.

“Since the upstream process chain has been significantly simplified, completely new manufacturing concepts are now possible. Thus, the OSP process is a trailblazer for innovative and fully integrated production lines.”