Wind of change

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Kingspan Wind is launching its new KW15 wind turbine, details of which will be made public at the All-Energy Exhibition & Conference, 22-23 May 2013. 

The KW15 is the latest addition to Kingspan Wind’s small turbine portfolio which already includes the KW3 and KW6 with over 4,400 currently operating in 60 countries.

Gavin Kerr, technical sales manager for Kingspan Wind, said: “The launch of our new 15Kw turbine demonstrates our commitment to advancing and expanding our existing product portfolio, and it positions Kingspan Wind firmly as a global leader in the small wind turbine arena. 

“The 15Kw turbine has been designed from the ground up and extensively tested to ensure that it matches the durability and efficiency of the existing KW series – widely regarded as the most reliable wind turbines on the market.

“The new KW15 can effectively reduce your carbon footprint, help future proof against rising electricity costs and provide an excellent return on investment for smart consumers.”