SunGift to stock BenQ Sunforte 320W modules

Benq Solar 320 Watt - black frame
SunGift Trade is now taking orders for BenQ SunForte 320 Watt modules which, it says, generate more power per square meter than any other module available from a UK distributor.

SunGift Trade will have the SunForte panels, said to have an1 9.6 per cent efficiency, in stock at its Exeter distribution centre from the beginning of June. 

“The arrival of these panels is great news for us and great news for UK solar PV installers,” said SunGift Trade’s managing director Gabriel Wondrausch. 

“It’s becoming increasingly important for installers to get the maximum output per square metre, particularly on domestic projects where there is very little space.  At 320 Watts the new BenQ Solar SunFortes will achieve 320 watts of power from the same space that standard modules would normally achieve around 250 watts. That’s more than 25 per cent more yield in the same space.”