Report reveals marketing opportunity for installers

A report released today reveals a window of opportunity for renewable energy companies in combatting confusion amongst farmers and landowners and helping them invest in renewables.

130 British farmers and landowners were surveyed by the CleanTech division of PR agency CCgroup to investigate what renewables information resonates and why. The report ‘How to talk so farmers and landowners listen’ outlines how renewable energy marketers can better inform rural businesses, boost their sales and increase renewables investment in the British countryside.

Charlotte Webster, head of clean technology at CCgroup, said: “The countryside plays a crucial role in the UK’s decentralised and clean energy future. But as it stands, the information needed to answer fundamental questions for farmers and landowners is quite simply lacking. Renewable energy companies are not making it simple to invest. Overcoming this barrier holds huge potential for farmers, landowners, renewable energy businesses and the wider green economy. But to realise this potential businesses must get their communications right. We’ve released ‘How to speak so farmers and landowners listen’ to encourage renewables investment sooner rather than later.”

The report can be read in full by clicking here.