Remote control

SOREL has launched apps for remote control of solar thermal controllers via smartphone and tablet.

The next step of its ‘SOREL Connect’ network concept, the new generation of solar thermal controllers TDC and the system controller XHCC have been equipped with an Ethernet connection and CAN-Bus to make them network-ready. The corresponding software is about to follow.

By means of a special app for Apple iOS, Android and Windows CE, the user can access his solar thermal or heating system from a mobile device any time. Alternatively, a simple plug-in for browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer will provide the same functionality on a PC.

“The user does not have to worry about IP addresses or other network terms,” said technical director Christian Zaenker. “He simply enters his username and password and he’s logged in.

“The apps have been made specifically for the end user, so that only uncritical settings such as the holiday mode are free to be changed.”

All important information is then shown at a glance: an animated graphical representation of the system, the system status and yield statistics.