Power-One appoints new product specialist

david jacobs
Power-One has appointed David Jacobs as its new product specialist for the company’s AURORA MICRO micro-inverters in the UK.

David Jacobs joined Power-One two years ago. As Key Account Manager at Power-One, Jacobs has sales expertise in the electronic engineering and renewable energy sectors, including climate technology and photovoltaic companies.

In his new role as product specialist for micro-inverters, he will roll out training sessions with distributors and customers throughout the UK in the upcoming months. He will also be responsible for the AURORA ACADEMY MICRO Roadshow, which provides installers technical information and trainings on Power-One’s micro-inverters.

“Power-One’s AURORA MICRO-0.25-I and AURORA MICRO-0.3-I micro-inverters are particularly well-suited for residential applications in the UK, since they optimize the energy harvest in challenging conditions such as partial and temporary shading, panel mismatching or module differential aging,” said David Lowen, director of sales for western Europe renewable energy at Power-One.

“Micro-inverters are still relatively new in the UK and we are pleased to have David Jacobs in this important role sharing his expertise on micro-inverters with customers. The training sessions, in particular, that David will drive are going to be a great opportunity for both distributors and end-customers to learn more about micro-inverters in general and the advantages of Power-One’s AURORA products.”