Moving beyond boom and bust

Solarplaza, in co-operation with BPVA, is to host the fourth SolarFuture UK conference focusing on ways to move the UK PV market beyond its boom and bust cycle.

According to Solarplaza, the UK’s PV installed capacity passed the 2GW mark earlier this year following a strong performance in the ground-mounted commercial sector. It considers the recent increase in installation rates a new ‘boom’ period based on previous trends  and fluctuations – a cycle which must be broken if the UK PV industry and demand is to stabilise.

With some in the industry calling for updated Feed-in Tariff policies to stimulate new growth, SolarFuture: UK 13 has gathered a list of speakers together to answer the question: Can the UK market move beyond the boom and bust stage?

Speakers include: Jeremy Leggett (Solarcentury), Anton Milner (ib Vogt and Q-Cells), Nick Boyle (Lightsource) and Reza Shaybani (BPVA).

The Solar Future: UK ’13, will take place on July 16 2013 in London. For more information and to register, visit: