Kingspan relaunches Sol-Air

Kingspan Insulated Panels has re-launched the Sol-Air solar air heating system.

Previously known as EnergiPanel, Sol-Air absorbs incident solar radiation and converts it into heat energy, warming air to be pumped through a building’s heating system. Aimed at significantly reducing a building’s carbon emissions, Kingspan says that Sol-Air can also help deliver LEED and BREEAM credits.

Kingspan large scale test facilities have apparently shown that heating costs could be reduced up to 20 per cent when Sol-Air panels are used. It also helps to increase building asset values by contributing to a better energy performance rating.

“Renewable energy sources can contribute significantly to the overall energy demands of a building, thereby reducing bills and the carbon footprint. Kingspan solar energy products complement our insulated roof and wall panels and can be easily integrated into any building project as a supplement to the main heating system. We offer two types of solar air collectors, Integrated and Transpired, depending on the building and project.” said Peter Turley, business unit manager, Integrated Solar Solutions at Kingspan Insulated Panels.