Cooking on gas

Remeha Gas Absorption Heat Pump
Remeha Commercial has launched a range of gas absorption heat pumps.

Remeha says its GAHP range is suitable for space heating in commercial new build developments, either in conjunction with commercial condensing boilers or in cascade operations.

It adds that proven technology delivers exceptionally high fuel efficiencies of around 144 per cent (GCV) even at low outside temperatures. The Remeha GAHP meets all environmental and legislative requirements using ammonia refrigerants with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP). This in turn provides a credit in BREEAM assessment ratings.

“The Building Services industry is constantly striving to increase overall system efficiencies in new build and existing properties to meet government regulations,” said Mark Northcott, managing director of Remeha Commercial.

“Our new GAHP range offers efficiencies in line with the requirements of the Energy Using Products (ErP) Directive and can significantly improve a building’s environmental ratings, offering architects, engineers and specifiers a low-carbon alternative to space heating that has been designed for easy installation and operation with an Energy Management System interface. We consider Gas Absorption Heat Pump technology one of the best means of harnessing renewable energy for heating. Our new range offers a versatile solution to low carbon heating that is able to support a wide range of systems and solutions, most commonly in conjunction with our range of renewable ready commercial condensing boilers.”