Windcrop installs 500th turbine

Small scale wind turbine installer Windcrop has hit a milestone by installing its 500th turbine, building a fleet with a capacity of 2.5MW.

Staff from Windcrop celebrated the triumph with a customary glass of champagne under the 500th turbine, at Mr and Mrs Hargreaves’ home in West Yorkshire.

Managing director and founder of the business, former Lotus engineering commercial director, John Moore, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating this milestone for Windcrop and the small wind industry.

“From our Norfolk start-up with two systems in 2009, our current fleet of 500 will generate around 80GWh of electricity during their 20 year life. Each system will save the site owner around £500 a year in electricity and this will rise as electricity prices increase in the future.

“I think a culmination of working with customers, driving down prices and a continued focus on operating ethically; putting the environment first when making our recommendations, has been a winning combination securing our success in the industry so far.”