Uponor brings Q&E to the UK

Q&E Launch 1
Uponor has launched its new Q&E complete plumbing system in the UK, designed to offer a direct alternative to copper and plastic push-fit systems for heating, hot water and cold water services.

According to the company, Q&E is already the plumbing system of choice for the majority of European installers with more than 75 million fittings sold worldwide. The system was fully launched in the UK at Ecobuild 2013 and is now available at all leading plumbing merchants.

The new jointing system relies on the memory of Uponor’s PEX pipe and uses a specialist tool to rapidly expand the diameter of the pipe and Q&E ring to secure the fitting. The subsequent joint is said to become watertight within seconds.

Q&E is a comprehensive all-plastic plumbing system which includes a wide range of products such as couplings, reducers, elbows, tees, tap connectors and M/F threaded adaptors. It is also WRAS approved.

Mark Dowdeswell, plumbing application manager for Uponor UK, said: “Many UK installers currently believe there is only a straight choice between copper or plastic plumbing products. Q&E provides a third option which has the potential to revolutionise the UK plumbing market.

“We’re delighted to launch our new Q&E system, offering installers a high-value alternative to traditional jointing systems which not only does the job, but exceeds expectations, time after time. To celebrate the launch we have an introductory offer for all installers on a first-come, first-served basis. To find out more, please go to our website at for more information.”