Two minutes with…

Anthony Mayall Picture (2)

Who are you?
Anthony Mayall, managing director of NIFES Consulting Group

What do you do?
I head up a design, project management and consultancy business. NIFES Consulting specialises in renewable and sustainable energy services.

Where are you?
I am based in our new London office near Euston railway station

How’s business at the moment?
Business is good at the present moment, we have got a good mix of projects including small-scale biomass, building-scale PV, district heating, CHP and LED street lighting.

How could it be better?
Business will be better when the confidence to invest is restored. Most businesses are looking for a payback of less than three years at the moment. The press can help by banging on about economic doom and gloom a bit less. We need some steely Industrial Revolution thinking. I note that the USA has a lot more support from government on renewable and sustainable technologies.

Who do you admire in renewables?
I rather admire the Cooperative Bank. It has funded a huge number of renewable projects.

What’s the best business advice you have received?
Without good people you are nothing. It’s simple but true

How are you going green?
LEDs in the house, low emissions car, lots of insulation, my children have taught me to recycle and I’m saving up for PV!