Talking ten to the dozen

Daniel Silcock, operations manager, Renewable Solutions UK
Daniel Silcock, operations manager, Renewable Solutions UK

Q: Who is your hero in renewable energy?

“I’d nominate Vincent Kirkman, my former tutor at BoltonCollege. I was an apprentice there between 1998 and 2002 and I learned a huge amount from Vinnie.  We’re now friends and I saw him again recently whilst installing solar PV, heat pumps, underfloor heating and rainwater harvesting at the College.”
Daniel Silcock, operations manager, Renewable Solutions UK

“As one of the founders of HETAS, Bill Kaye re-defined the organisation in 2005 when he focused on educating the solid fuel industry on how to use biomass in a safe, clean and efficient way. Now in his 80s, he is still travelling across Europe championing safe and efficient biomass product standards.”
Robert Burke, technical director, HETAS

“I’d say that it would have to be Gerard Morgan-Grenville who founded The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in 1973. From the early 70’s they were demonstrating ideas such as insulation, heat stores and wind and water power. In the 80’s they were using wood gas burners, solar collectors and electric vehicles.”
John Wade, director, A Shade Greener

“My hero is Bristol’s new independent mayor George Ferguson who is working to make Bristol the UK’s SolarCity and European Green Capital 2015. He has installed solar PV on a former tobacco warehouse which he converted into a theatre and cafe, and charges his electric car from it.”
Steve Barrett, managing director, Solarsense

“I’d have to name an institution rather than an individual. The Forestry Commission England has been fairly bold in supporting the development of the biomass sector. Its publication of the Woodland Fuel Strategy for England and the development of the Biomass Energy Centre have both provided critically needed support to the development of the supply chain.”
Will Richardson, director, Rural Development Initiatives

“In 2006 I met a local installer who had huge insight, knowledge and passion for renewables. He has won five national awards, latterly ‘Most Significant Contributor to Renewables’. I have been fortunate to co-present seminars, nationwide, with him in recent years. Andy Buchan is a true renewable hero.”
Watson Carlill, director, Future Renewable Energy

“Our group chairman, Martino Basile, has vision, mental agility and deal making skills in abundance and has pulled together two revolutionary products that are going to change the way we heat hot water and our homes. The Magic Heating Box and the Magic Thermodynamic Box are both now available in the UK and Europe.”
Alistair Smit, managing director, Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd

“Steff Wright of the Gusto Group has established a well-deserved reputation as a leading innovator in the world of sustainable construction. His flagship development, around the turn of the century, of high-performance dwellings at Millennium Green in Nottinghamshire, signposted the way for subsequent publication of the Code for Sustainable Homes.”
Terry Nash, director, UK Rainwater Harvesting Association

“My hero is Julian Wiley, chief investor in Evoco Energy, who stuck by his investment during tough times and deserves lots of credit. He has also invested in improving solar panel logistics around the UK through Zenex solar.”
Babak Daemi, Everlasting Marketing and PR

“Ed Webb, managing director of Metgen, has been instrumental in championing green technologies across the UK, helping homeowners and businesses reduce bills and minimise carbon emissions. Ed has helped to drive forward sustainability, introducing environmentally friendly ideas for the future.”
Jodi Huggett, director, 4Eco immerSUN