Stay in control

T Control 2
Rural Energy has unveiled a new management system for all its small and medium sized biomass boilers as part of its partnership with European manufacturer Herz.  

The new Herz T-Control provides an interactive way of managing the functionality of biomass boilers whilst the operational performance of the Rural Energy Herz boiler can be controlled with a touch of the user-friendly screen.

The controller is being supplied on all future Herz pellet and chip boilers up to 300KW supplied by Rural Energy, from the end of April.

According to the Melton Mowbray-based company, the digital system provides convenient and easy menu navigation allowing the user to control buffer management, water temperatures, on/off times and domestic hot water supply as well as having control of multiple heating circuits, either within the same building or to a number of buildings.

t is also designed to allow users to manage any solar thermal circuits against frost protection.

Paul Clark, managing director of Rural Energy, said: “This really is a major breakthrough in user control and is an exciting new development for our biomass delivery systems.

“This system is compatible with the Modbus protocol so our clients’ Boiler Management system (BMS) can plug in directly and interrogate all the data in the T-Control.

“Traditionally, biomass boilers operate independently from the BMS, so this controller opens the door to a fully integrated system.

“Or, if there is no resident BMS the T-Control can manage all the plantroom devices centrally.”