Solar energy for Eastland Homes

Tropo, the renewable energy division of Henry Boot Construction, has completed three solar PV projects on residential tower blocks owned by Eastlands Homes.

The tower blocks in the Bickerdike, Platt and Worsley areas of east and south east Manchester now include PV panels on their roofs which will generate free electricity. This electricity will be used to offset Eastlands Homes’ supply that powers lifts and lights in communal areas.

Tropo reports that the entire project took under one week to complete with four SMA Tripower inverters and a total of 219 panels being installed.

Martin Cornally, PV manager for Tropo, said: “We fitted 96 solar PV panels to the tower block in Bickerdike which have the capacity to generate up to 17,713 kWh per annum. Platt and Worsley incorporate fewer panels but can still generate between 10,702kWh and 11,993kWh per annum.

“Added together, the tower blocks have the potential to offset 21.2 tonnes of CO2 per annum and deliver 40,408 kWH of power. We anticipate that Eastlands Homes will recoup their investment within 12 to 13 years for each site.”