Phono Solar and Power-One launch exchange programme

Renewable energy manufacturers Phono Solar and Power-One have announced the beginning of an Exchange Testing Programme.

The programme was finalised at Phono Solar’s “Discovery 2013” annual meeting in January, and will involve both parties exchanging products for review and inspection in their respective testing facilities. Last November, Phono Solar signed a ‘Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement’ with Power-One for the development of new PV systems worldwide using Power-One inverters and monitoring systems exclusively. The agreement ensures cooperation between the two brands in their product lines, sales and marketing channels, research and development capabilities and project resources.

Power-One will exchange three types of inverters in the programme and Phono Solar will exchange its 5kW PV modules. The two parties will test each other’s products in its own indoor labs and outdoor testing facilities. The programme is expected to help improve product reliability, compatibility and performance.

Mr Jibo Cai, chairman of Phono Solar, said: “This new programme is an evolution of our agreement with Power-One, demonstrating our mutual trust and desire to work together. Our package solution, including Phono Solar modules and Power-One inverters, has been welcomed by our customers. We are confident of the future of this cooperation and through the Exchange Testing Programme expect to continue ensuring our commitment to the market as a key component supplier.”

Mr Alex Levran, president of Power-One’s renewable energy solutions division, said: “This programme is designed to ensure our products work together to optimise their compatibility, quality and performance. Having established our strategic alliance last year, this exchange testing programme is the next step the in the evolution of our partnership to ensure we provide our customers with the best performing products in the industry.”