Joined up approach

On 28 January 2013, MCS published the document MCS 023 (Additional Requirements for MCS Installers to become Green Deal Authorised). This document outlines the criteria, which all MCS installation companies who are assessed and certified against, in order to become registered for the microgen measures under Green Deal. MCS 023 was developed by MCS, working closely with both DECC and the relevant MCS committees.

MCS 023, which acts as a bridging document, identifies the additional requirements for Green Deal on the quality management side and which are currently not covered by MCS certification. Therefore, by identifying the differences between MCS and Green Deal, an installation company already registered for MCS is able to develop their quality management in line with criteria specified in MCS 023 to obtain Green Deal certification through their Certification Body.

This key document has become crucial following the release of the new version of PAS 2030 which now no longer includes the microgen measures. This followed the decision by DECC to state that microgen measures under Green Deal must be installed by MCS certified installation companies only, and hence the need for a method for installation companies to show they meet all of the requirements of Green Deal. The release of MCS 023 removes much of the technical justification for becoming Green Deal registered, and simplifies the process for MCS approved companies.

In addition to the release of the document, MCS has also been working with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and DECC to set up a transitional arrangement for all MCS Certification Bodies to assess installation companies against MCS 023 straight away. This will enable installation companies under MCS to become Green Deal registered for the installation of microgen measures as soon as they have been assessed against MCS 023 by their Certification Body.

This work is a clear example of a joined up approach between MCS, DECC and Green Deal in ensuring the installation market is not impacted by new requirements, and instead can begin work in earnest to support the roll out of Green Deal across the sector.