Derbyshire company launches energy comparison website

Business Energy Online may be a local Derbyshire company but it now claims to have ‘David and Goliath‘ aspirations to take on the national business energy comparison website market.

Its interactive website ( is designed to provide comparison information in one simple step, without asking you for lots of personal information to access the quotes.

Results are provided within 30 seconds and Business Energy Online says it will not chase anyone up afterwards with call centre staff giving it the hard sell.

A company spokesman said: “In the past decade the UK has moved from being a net exporter to a net importer of gas, as North Sea fields have been depleted. Power and gas hit annual highs last month as the UK experienced freezing weather and dwindling gas stocks, and unplanned outages caused supply concerns. In February annual power prices picked up on the back of rising oil prices. Despite the fall in oil price during March, supply concerns and colder weather have supported high prices throughout the month.

“With this in mind small businesses are urged to think ahead and plan further than the next 12 months. Money saved by comparing their business energy costs could be reinvested back into the business, enabling business growth.”