Scottish green growth windfall

Ed Davey
Green growth is bringing thousands of jobs and billions of pounds worth of investment to Scotland, energy secretary Ed Davey told the Scottish Renewables Conference in Edinburgh today.

Latest figures released by the government show that over the last two years Scotland has seen more than £2.3bn worth of investment in renewables supporting more than 4,500 jobs.

Davey told delegates that there is the potential of a further £8bn in the investment pipeline.

“The renewables industry is truly a Scottish success story. Encouraged by a Scottish government dedicated to the shared vision of a low carbon future and enabled by a United Kingdom government committed to green growth,” he said.

“In the UK as a whole, we are embarking on the most ambitious reform of our energy system in generations.

“Working together we can attract the investment, build the infrastructure and develop the technology we need to move towards the secure, affordable low carbon future that we have collectively committed to. And with this drive comes green growth and green jobs.

“Scotland has been showing the way. Leading the new green renewable energy revolution. Powering the United Kingdom, and protecting the planet.”