Perfect rain

Xylem Lowara has launched a new solar powered submersible pump specifically designed for domestic applications.

The RainPerfect pump is designed to harness the power of the sun allowing for efficient electrical operations without the constraints or installation of a dedicated mains power source.  The new solar pump facilitates the direct application of collected rain water from the water butt to meet the simplest of domestic requirements such as watering a garden or running a low pressure sprinkler system.

The new lightweight RainPerfectpump utilises DC motor technology and has a centrifugal design providing a pumping pressure of 0.9 bar. With a charge time of approximately eight hours of sun, the 3.5 watt solar panel provides power to an internal NiMH rechargeable battery to pump up to 378 litres (100 gallons) of water on a single charge.

Gary Wilde, business development and marketing manager for Xylem Lowara UK, said: “We have introduced the RainPerfectpump as a simple and cost-effective solution to basic domestic water needs that can take the pressure off mains water consumption.

“Designed to save water, save money and reduce the impact of our water demand on the environment, the Xylem Lowara RainPerfect pump allows domestic users to retain access to water whilst performing the simplest of tasks.”