No risk of EU duties, say WINAICO

PV manufacturer WINAICO has today reassured installers and suppliers that its Taiwanese-sourced modules will not be subject to any EU tariffs which may be applied to Chinese firms exporting to Europe.

The EU commission is expected to come to a decision in June as part of an ongoing trade dispute over allegations of Chinese PV manufacturers ‘dumping’ panels in Europe at below cost price.

“With products from WINAICO solar installers, investors and banks are on the safe side. We have already responded to the increased demand and ramped up our production,” said Sascha Rossmann, international sales director at WINAICO.

“At no point Taiwanese PV module manufacturers were ever associated with any EU duties. Just like the European manufacturers we think that fair competition and sustainable solar energy for the EU are absolutely desirable. Furthermore, economically we can not afford to sell our products below the cost,” he added.