Learning curve

green deal
With the Green Deal officially launched, Brett Pearson, formerly Ecoskies, outlines the opportunities this scheme can bring.

Green Deal is live. Whether Providers have put Green Deal Plans into place or not, as of now, they can, and that is significant. Small businesses will more than likely have a part to play in driving through the first Green Deal Plans with the Providers. Just like large-scale PV, once the precedents are set the floodgates will open. Indications from the frontline are that there is generally a real hunger for new opportunities, a mentality of getting on with it and getting in early to set out your stall.

EcoSkies Training is only one firm, but with over 100 Green Deal Advisors (GDAs) trained and working on their portfolios, the numbers speak for themselves; small businesses have BIG plans for Green Deal. What these small businesses have in common is that they realise it all starts with training and gaining the GDA qualification so they can produce the Advice Reports. Without the Green Deal Advice Report, there is no Green Deal.

Yes there are ifs, buts and maybes with the Green Deal still, but isn’t there always? The bottom line is that producing these Advice Reports is the new standard no matter what shape the programme takes and whatever measures win out under Green Deal Plans. Those that fail to evolve, fail to see the opportunities and tie-ins with domestic RHI, fail to offer additional products and services that are essentially self-funding, those businesses will unfortunately become uncompetitive and disgruntled.  

Our job is to help educate GDAs correctly, mentoring them through their qualification and guiding them to supporting organisations and resources. GDAs and the companies they work for will set the Green Deal scene in consumers’ minds. They will educate, explain clearly and honestly what is available, how the measures work, how the scheme works. In turn, customers will educate their friends, neighbours and families what they have learned and the about helpful, informative companies that worked with them along the way and the cycle starts all over again. GDAs hold the keys to success so you might as well get one in your team and that will require education and investment in someone you trust.