JPCS powers up 90,000 homes

Peter Shone, managing director of Cheshire-based JPCS
Peter Shone, managing director of Cheshire-based JPCS
JPCS reports that it has passed the 50MWp milestone in UK ground-mounted PV installations.

According to JPCS, since 2011 the company has completed more than 55MWp of solar PV installations using its innovative Groundscrew foundation system, with over 30MWp installed in the first quarter of 2013 alone.

Using over 48,000 Groundscrews, an alternative to traditional concrete foundations, JPCS calculates that it has provided the foundations for approximately 58 miles of frames and 235 miles of aluminium rails, to mount 185,000 solar PV modules – the equivalent surface area of 1400 tennis courts.

Peter Shone, managing director of Cheshire-based JPCS, said: “We’ve been working in partnership with renewable energy developers and market leading businesses to deliver some exciting projects up and down the country, from Scotland to Cornwall. The early signs are that these ground mounted projects are outperforming expectations.

“Ground mounted solar is a sound renewable energy source. Boosted by the Feed-in-Tariffs and Renewable Obligation Certificates, according to finance experts, there are more investors interested in funding large-scale solar PV projects than ever before.

“Our portfolio of low-carbon energy projects is growing; this year we’ll also be working on biomass and possibly wind energy. We’re excited to play our part in a sustainable future.”