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This month, in its regular column, MCS looks at the publication of the new PV Guide and Updated MIS 3002

The new PV Guide has been released, alongside a newly updated MIS 3002 Issue 3.0 which reflects the changes in the new PV Guide.

The new PV Guide has been a long time coming and is the culmination of over two years work from the MCS Solar PV Working Group, together with support from the Electrical Contractors Association (the ECA), to improve the guidance for installation companies and the standards for PV installations across the UK. It contains a number of new sections which bring the previous DTI Guide up to speed with newer technologies and the fast paced changes in the PV sector.

The key areas of the MIS 3002 standard and new PV Guide centre around changes to:

  • The system performance estimation methodology which now takes into account shading and the use of look up tables;
  • Installation and site work updates to cover wind uplift calculations, a simplified calculation method with worked examples and guidance on calculating system fixing requirements;
  • Design/technical updates.

Installation companies will have a three month transition period (until 7t May 2013) before they must work to the new version of MIS 3002 issue 3.0. Before that date, installation companies can use the new version of MIS 3002 issue 3.0 and the new PV Guide if they choose to do so.

The new PV Guide can be downloaded for free from the MCS website, where the new MIS 3002 issue 3.0 is also available.

Installation companies can also purchase a hard copy of the PV guide from ECA directly at the following links:

ELECSA Public Shop

ECA Public Shop

We hope you find the new guide a useful tool and would like to take this opportunity to also thank the members of the MCS PV Working Group who have worked voluntarily on improving the standards so that the PV sector is one which remains firmly in place for the foreseeable future.