Greener heat

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Gledhill says its new range of Torrent GreenHeat open vented thermal stores offers the opportunity to use the widest range of renewable energy sources to provide safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly domestic heating and hot water.

Homeowners can now choose to combine economical green energy sources such as solar thermal, heat pumps, log burners and biomass boilers with conventional gas, oil or lpg to deliver efficient heating and hot water.

The Torrent GreenHeat thermal store is open vented – which, according to Gledhill, means it is inherently safe with no requirement for discharge pipework, negating the requirement for G3.  That enables the store to be situated virtually anywhere in the house.

Gledhill managing director, Jason Hobson, said: “With the range of renewable energy options now available and the price of gas and oil doubling in the last few years, householders and installers need more choice in how a home is heated.  Torrent GreenHeat delivers that flexibility and choice by providing the very widest range of options.

“With Torrent GreenHeat, homeowners and installers can choose to combine solar with a wood burner or heat pump, and also have a gas, electric or oil unit as back up. But using the correct controls, Torrent Greenheat will revert to the expensive fossil fuel heat source only as a last resort.

“Torrent GreenHeat is also the perfect partner for uncontrolled heat sources such as wood chip burners or log burning stoves because it is open vented, yet it still provides mains pressure hot water.”