EPIA sets PV industry priorities

Solar industry leaders have gathered in Brussels for the Annual General Meeting of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) to identify challenges and set clear priorities for the coming years.

The EPIA emphasised the need for more sustainable policy support for renewables, proper integration of solar PV into the electricity grid, and increased focus on industry innovation.

The event’s keynote speech was given by Hans-Josef Fell, member of the Green Party in the German Parliament. Fell highlighted the need for continued political support for renewables, particularly PV as it moves toward competitiveness with other electricity sources.

Specifically, EPIA members representing companies all along the PV value chain approved the following priorities for 2013 and beyond: 

  • Ensure a reliable political framework and support schemes for PV and renewables that will lead the sector to long-term competitiveness           
  • Focus on integrating a rising share of PV into the electricity grid, and shaping a future market design that removes bottlenecks to the technology’s development  
  • Provide essential market analysis and data             
  • Push for an EU industrial policy, and drive innovation and research for PV  

“It is clear that PV is approaching full competitiveness with other electricity sources,” said EPIA president Winfried Hoffmann.

“But in the context of a wider energy transition, PV’s development will remain policy-driven in the coming years – very much like all other electricity producing technologies. Financial support, administrative procedures and grid integration remain crucial issues. 

“The industry is also moving forward with larger and more innovative gigawatt factories, with a cost structure to create positive margins at today’s prices. PV is already providing solutions as we navigate the transition to a new energy world, where decentralised systems will play an ever increasing role with PV as the most decentralised.”