Colourful ensemble

Green Energy Options (geo) has added a new full-colour in-home display to its portfolio of energy management devices.

The Ensemble Colour is designed to show home electricity consumption on a simple, easy-to-read screen. With the addition of optional Smart Plugs, consumers can measure and control individual appliances, whilst keeping track of the bigger picture with geo’s online service, energynote.

Geo adds that the Ensemble Colour makes the complicated business of energy use and cost easy to understand – whether it’s just a quick glance to check on budget or in-depth analysis to assess seasonal behaviour and/or carbon prevention.

The Ensemble Colour works with most electricity meters, and can be supplied with either a CT clip to attach to the cable or a LED sensor to sit on the front.

“The new Ensemble provides a much clearer view,” said ceo Patrick Caiger-Smith.

“With the help of an attractive and intelligent display we can give householders the peace of mind they need to stay on top of their energy spend. One of the best things about it is the flexibility: you can view detailed energy spend not just on the display but also on a PC, tablet or smartphone. As energy costs continue to rise, the Ensemble Colour – as part of a powerful home energy management service – makes it easy to take control of energy consumption in the home, online or on the move.”