Trina Solar partners with abakus

Head of Europe at Trina Solar, Ben Hill
Head of Europe at Trina Solar, Ben Hill
Trina Solar has announced that it is to become the new module supplier to abakus solar.

The partnership will begin with four projects constituting a combined volume of 20 megawatts. Following the construction of a solar park in the German federal state of North-Rhine-Westphalia, three further large-scale installations will be completed across southern England during the first quarter of 2013. These solar parks, including one on the Isle of Wight, are scheduled to be up and running by the end of March.

Trina Solar says it supplied more than 8,600 PV modules for the 2MW pilot project on a former landfill site in Rietberg, Westphalia. The solar park, completed on schedule at the end of 2012, will provide electricity equivalent to the requirements of approximately 570 households and save 1,200 tons of carbon dioxide annually. As part of the Rietberg project, abakus solar reports it used a mobile testing laboratory for quality assurance for the first time.

“Our relationship between Trina Solar and abakus got off to such an excellent start that we are relying on this partnership as we embark on the development of three new solar parks in the UK,” said Thomas Sandner, abakus solar ceo.

“We are very particular about our choice of suppliers, and we set great store by product quality, supply reliability, and on-site service, in order to guarantee lasting and substantial returns for our customers.”

Ben Hill, head of europe at Trina Solar, added: “We are proud to have won this contract with abakus solar. It is yet more confirmation of our excellent reputation as a strong and reliable partner for large-scale projects. We are delighted to be working with abakus, both on these projects in Germany and southern England and on many more in the future.”