Segen offers increased support to heat pump installers

Segen has announced new support measures for installers looking to supply Samsung EHS heat pumps.

Segen has developed keys areas of support for Heat Pump installers, making it easier to supply and design a Samsung Heat Pump system.

-Samsung training. For those new to heat pumps, Samsung offers two training courses. More experienced installers can complete a questionnaire which could enable Samsung to grant recommended installer status without the need to attend a course.

-Segen’s online portal has been developed to offer quoting, full product representation and supporting documentation.

-In-depth technical support from Segen’s pre and post-sales team.

Andy Pegg, ceo at Segen, said: “With the Department of Energy & Climate Change launching its Renewable Heat Incentive this year, now is the perfect time for installers to bolster their portfolios with a heat pump offering. Segen has been stocking the Samsung EHS MONO heat pump system since last year and believe this additional support for the Samsung product will help installers as the heat pump market looks set to continue to grow and consumers look for a trusted name in the market.”

Graham Hendra, from Samsung EHS, said: “Samsung is delighted with the continued developments Segen is making to support Samsung Heat pumps.  Although Samsung is a huge consumer brand, installers still need to know why Samsung heat pumps are so good and then be provided with the tools to make their purchasing experience as simple and supported as possible. Segen continues to work with us, with the ultimate aim of supporting installers as much as possible in this growing market.”