Solar PV homes discover meters running backwards

Some householders with solar PV have experienced their electricity meters running backwards, according to a new survey by Which?.

A quarter of the 1,300 respondents with panels reported mains electricity meters moving backwards whilst systems were exporting to the grid because the flow of electricity was moving out of the house instead of in.

Most seemed unaware of the issue whilst others wrongly believed that it was perfectly normal. In a number of cases, householders will effectively have been receiving free electricity as their bills are calculated on false readings. Some have even reported their accounts going into credit as their meters show a negative consumption of power.

But it does not seem to be all good news as individuals are normally hit by large retrospective bills once electricity suppliers have become aware of the loss of revenue. Customers experiencing backwards-running meters are therefore being urged to report problems before running up large bills for past usage. 

Regulator Ofgem said affected customers should contact their electricity supplier at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the meter problem is resolved.