New thermal imaging guide published

FLIR717 Building book cover
FLIR Systems has published a new guide to building thermal imaging.

The company says that the new 40 page publication provides an introduction to the science behind infrared but mainly provides feedback from users on why thermal imaging has proved a good investment for their application.  Testimony from users in the field of energy auditing and assessment of insulation integrity, HVAC systems, water leakage, condensation and mould build-up feature heavily.

The final chapter of the book provides a guide for selecting the best type of camera for the job and emphasises the importance of dedicated software to achieve the greatest operational benefits.  It also introduces several features available from FLIR such as detail-enhanced imaging with MSX technology and the wide range of connectivity options.

Entitled Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics – discover a wide variety of applications; the book is available as a PDF download or may be ordered as a hardcopy from